Alfa pizza 5 minutes

Alfa pizza 5 minutes

Alfa Pizza

wood oven for bread and pizza compact. Convenient because the wheels make it easy to move. It 'an ideal oven for balconies, terraces and gardens. The Plan is refractory and once in stainless steel. In five minutes it reaches the temperature for cooking pizza, bread and various dishes

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Outdoor modular oven of compact size.
The dimensions allow to comfortably cook 2 pizzas in two minutes and 2 kg of bread for baking.
Wood oven with wheels: he stainless steel parts and parts treated with powder coating, resistant to high temperatures.
It is mounted on a trolley equipped with stainless steel side handle and two wheels, which makes it easy and lightweight displacement.
The cooktop is made ​​of hollow tiles interchangeable refractory.
The time entirely of stainless steel makes it possible to reach high temperatures with the use of less wood.
The ceramic fiber insulation allows to keep the heat for a long time inside the oven.
The stainless steel door is equipped with a rimmed wooden handle that allows you to open and close the mouth of the oven without danger of burning.

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Alfa pizza 5 minutes

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15 minutes to heat # 2 at a time Fired bread pizzas (Kg) 2 Average wood consumption (3 Kg / h) floor area (0.30 square meters) Cooktop (cm) 60x50 Smoke outlet (cm) ∅ 15 , 0 Width (cm) 93.0 Depth (cm) 63.0 total height (cm) 190.0 Weight (kg) 100.0 mouth width (cm) 59.6 mouth Height (cm) 18.0

1.900,00 € VAT included

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