BBQ Gas Recessed

BBQ Gas Recessed

Gas barbecues built the Heron company Barbecues are the ideal solution for work in kitchens,

perfectly integrable on a work plane

Maintain unchanged the characteristics of the full range of typical cooking.

READY IN 7 Minutes and cooks quickly from vegetables to meat, from cheese to the polenta passing for sweets.

Easy CLEANING both during cooking, between a plate and the other, which at the end in a few minutes.


With the possibility of having 1 or more side burners.

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Built-in BBQ

Airone Barbecue

The built-in series offers the possibility to build a custom kitchen. Perfectly integrable on a work surface, the Inlay Plate maintains unaltered features. With this series of barbecues and stoves we can design our masonry kitchen ideal for the garden or interior. Base with Smooth Plate, there is also the possibility of having the Rigata plate with a small extra charge. AIRONE Barbecue is the stainless steel cooking plate for 365 days a year. The plate goes into temperature in 7 minutes and cooks various foods from 1 to 8 minutes. Practical, Fast, cooking without oil, always intact flavors even in the case of simultaneous cooking of more foods.

1.408,00 €   1.760,00 € VAT included

The Barbecue GAS built of Heron Barbecue company adapt to any work surface.
The barbecue is made entirely of stainless steel and for all models the strong point is the 6 mm plate which is heated by the burners that heat evenly in 7/8 minutes.
On request you can have the grooved plate rather smooth with a small surcharge.

COOKING, really DIETETICA, requires no oil and various seasonings.

FOOD NOT TO BE IN CONTACT WITH FLAME: Health and pleasure at the table are really sure

The entire series can be equipped with stainless steel lid and splash guard.
The very low power consumption is also associated with the LPG supply possibilities or METHANE prepared from the factory.

The success of these Barbecue is the fact that having time for preparation and cooking so fast also who cooks can enjoy the company of friends.