Jimmy Palazzetti

Jimmy Palazzetti

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JIMMI offers the advantage of portability, lends itself to the kitchen, then fixed under a veranda, at PICNIC Sunday or is the solution OPTIMUM CAMPING. Base with stainless steel plate Smooth. The plate should be in the temperature in a few minutes and bake various foods from 1 to 8 minutes. Practical, Fast, dietetic cooking oil, always tastes even intact in the event of simultaneous firings of more foods.

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Ready to use transportable anywhere easily

Cooking plate stainless steel cooking surface 70x40 cm, with 2 stainless steel burners aluminate rapid start with 1 and 2 ramps from 6 kw.
Large plate 42 x 40; small plate 27 x 40
Piezo ignition.
stainless steel cover included.
Collect-fat stainless steel.
Support feet.

Jimmy is supplied in two versions, with or without a cart.

[Not more hours for the preparation of the barbecue but only 8 minutes
[More smoke Do not disturbing the neighbors
longer hours to scrape or soak the grill after cooking
[No longer need to sacrifice someone to cook for the whole
time while the guests are doing in the company!

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BBQ Jimmy Palazzetti

Code BBQ Jimmy Palazzetti

Dimensions 71x44x18 H Convenient to carry Kg. 25 countertop version 2 burners 2 Plates Steel cm. 27x 40 and 42x40

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582,80 € VAT included

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BBQ Jimmy Palazzetti with trolley

Code BBQ Jimmy Palazzetti Con Carrello

Cart full version with stainless equipped with 4 independent castor wheels with brake and folding shelves always in stainless steel. Dimensions 129x46x76 H Convenient to carry Kg. 25 + kg. 16 Shopping 2 burners 2 Plates Steel cm. 27x 40 and 42x40

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